Gardening Tips

  • Selection of plants should depend on the availability of space and light.
  • Even though indoor plants do not require direct sunlight, they need bright natural light.
  • To avoid growth of plants in one direction (the direction from which it gets light), turn the plant occasionally to promote fuller growth in all directions.
  • Plants in water-holding potting mediums require less frequent watering.
  • Watering should be twice a day in hot and dry seasons.
  • Repotting of plants should be done at least once a year, depending on the quality of the potting medium.
  • Plants need to be fertilized regularly for healthy growth. Especially flowering plants like roses and hibiscus need regular fertilizers for good flowering.
  • Plants should be pruned occasionally to maintain their shape, to remove unwanted damaged parts and to promote new fresh growth.
  • A check should be kept for any sign of infection by plant pests. Plants should be treated with appropriate insecticide or fungicide at the earliest stage of infection to avoid damage to plants.